Are you ready for another exciting new year at the Post? Start things off right at your Post with these 20 simple safety tips for 2020.

Indoor Safety Tips

  • Inspect Your Folding Chair Inventory—Defective folding chairs can collapse causing serious injury and liability claims for the Post. Retire chairs that are old, worn out, damaged, or wobbly.
  • Display Proper Safety Signage—There’s a link between safety signs and fewer accidents. Keep everyone safe with signs for utility rooms, emergency exits and floor hazards.
  • Pick the Right Fire Extinguishers—The wrong extinguisher can do more harm than good. Make sure you install a Class K extinguisher near your Post’s kitchen cooktop.
  • Restock the First Aid Kit—While it’s convenient to have bandages for scrapes, having the right supplies on hand for a more serious incident could be a life saver.
  • Share a List of Emergency Contacts—Knowing who to contact and how to reach them is crucial in an emergency. Make and share a list of emergency contacts with your key personnel.
  • Update Your Natural Disaster Plan—Protect your Post’s biggest assets by updating your natural disaster plan and insurance policies to match your current level of risk.
  • Decorate with Safety in Mind—Each year, thousands are injured decorating for holidays and festivities. Make sure everyone at the Post stays safe handling fragile ornaments, keeping walkways clear, and practicing electrical safety.
  • Be Prepared for Power Outages—Whether the Post loses power for a day or a week, it’s important to be prepared. Plan ahead with supplies and protect electrical equipment and food stores.
  • Update the Post Emergency Plan—A new year is a good opportunity to update your Post’s emergency plan. Procedures, evacuation plans and personnel duties should all be reviewed and updated.

Kitchen Safety Tips

  • Clean Up Kitchen Spills Quickly—Thousands of slip and fall accidents happen each year in kitchens near flames, grease and hot stoves. Make sure to clean up any floor spills right away.
  • Prevent Cuts with Knife Safety—Cuts are common injuries in a busy kitchen. Sharp knives, sturdy cutting surfaces, and safe handling and storage can reduce the risk of injury.
  • Use Caution Near Kitchen Burn Hazards—Flames, steam, and hot surfaces are just some of the burn risks in a busy kitchen. Stay focused and follow all safety procedures to prevent an accident.

Outdoor Safety Tips

  • Be Aware of Snow Shoveling Risks—Snow removal is more strenuous than it looks and leads to dozens of preventable deaths each year. Take frequent breaks to avoid overexertion.
  • Keep Pathways Clear—Reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents and never leave ice, snow, leaves or equipment in the way of travel outside the Post.
  • Light Up Pathways—Poor lighting can lead to trip hazards, personal safety risks, and increased theft. Make sure pathways are uniformly lit while avoiding glare.
  • Use Ladders Safely—Ladder falls claim over 100 lives each year. Firm grounding, proper footwear, and a secure hand on the ladder can help prevent accidents.
  • Stay Safe During Parade Season—Participating in parades is a fun part of life at the Post. Stay safe by planning ahead and make sure to obtain Business Auto Liability Insurance.
  • Make Sure to Grill Safety—Grilling out at summer get-togethers is more fun when it’s safe. Coals can reach 1,000 degrees, so let them cool in the grill or smother with water.


As you look forward to another year at the Post, make sure it’s a safe and happy new year. Keep safety in mind throughout the year’s events and gatherings and your Post can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.