Your Post is likely your greatest asset, but could be your greatest risk. Implement these fire safety standards to ensure your Post is as safe as possible.


Identify the Nearest Emergency Exit
Be sure the emergency exits in your Post are clearly identified and all members know their locations.

Heed Fire Safety and Design Guidelines
Walkways and doorways should accommodate any mobility impairment an individual may have. For example, doorways should accommodate a wheelchair’s width, and flooring material should accommodate artificial limbs, walkers, or canes.

Install Smoke Alarms
The single most important step you can take is to install smoke alarms throughout the Post. A working smoke alarm can make a vital difference in the event of a fire. Test batteries monthly, and replace them annually.  If your smoke alarms are hardwired (connected to the electricity), make sure they are also equipped with battery back-ups.

Wheelchairs Accessibility
To accommodate wheelchair users in public buildings, manual alarm pull stations should be mounted no higher than 48 inches (121 cm) from the floor. If manual alarms are mounted higher than 48 inches, these devices should be retrofitted with attachments that make them accessible to a wheelchair user.

Plan and Practice Escape Plans
Knowing your escape plan is an important step to save lives in a fire. Plan your escape around the capabilities of your members and guests. There should be at least two exits from every room. Make sure all doors and windows can be unlocked and everyone knows how to open them. If security devices, such as bars, are installed across the windows, ensure that they release from the inside. Make any necessary accommodations (such as installation of exit ramps) to facilitate escape.

Involve the Fire Department
Ask the fire department to help you plan an escape route for your Post, and inform them of your special needs. They can also help you identify any fire hazards and explain how to correct them. Any areas you plan to use as a rescue area must be identified and agreed upon by you and officials from the fire department. Learn the fire department’s limitations, and make fire officials aware of yours.


Despite all the precautions you take to protect your Post, sometimes the inevitable happens. Property Insurance protects your Post, including your buildings, contents, business personal property, business interruption, extra expense, money and securities, regalia, fraternal paraphernalia, building glass, outdoor signs, fine arts, valuable papers and much more.

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