Top 10 Safety Risks of Outdoor Events

As the weather gets nicer, many Posts will plan outdoor events for members and guests. Everyone enjoys spending time outside, participating in a parade, having a picnic or just enjoying the great outdoors. But for event attendees to enjoy a safe outing, organizers need to spend some time thinking about what might go wrong. Every [...]

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Your Guide to Working with Vendors

Working with vendors can be extremely beneficial to your Post. Specialized vendors that handle your Post's food and beverage, alcohol, cleaning or technical needs can be a big help, boosting efficiency while saving on costs. But working with vendors also presents some challenges. Partnering with a vendor can expose your Post to added risk, so [...]

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How to Handle Complaints at the Post

Things often get busy at the Post, making it easy to overlook when a member, volunteer or guest brings up a complaint. Mistakes and misunderstandings happen every day, even when your Post is led by passionate, hard-working people. While we all would like to minimize our mistakes, how you handle these difficulties is often more [...]

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Knowing the Signs of Serious Illnesses

It's not always easy to tell what's wrong when you don't feel well. Some symptoms can go unnoticed, while other signs of serious illnesses are so common we may ignore them. Knowing the signs of serious illnesses like heart attack and stroke helps protect your organization and community and can prevent an otherwise tragic outcome. [...]

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Staying Connected with Post Members and Volunteers

Even though Posts are closed due to COVID-19 and government stay-at-home orders, staying connected with Post members, volunteers and guests during closures remains important. It's still possible to follow social distancing guidelines and enjoy socializing with your members, volunteers and guests. Here are three ways for staying connected during this time. Set Up a Social [...]

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Preparing for Volunteers at Your Post

Once life at your Post returns to normal, old and new volunteers will likely be looking for ways to give back. To prepare for the volunteers, examine your Post’s volunteer training and safety precautions. Update your Post’s emergency contacts If there’s an emergency during an event, your volunteers will need to know how to reach [...]

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20 Simple Safety Tips for 2020

Are you ready for another exciting new year at the Post? Start things off right at your Post with these 20 simple safety tips for 2020. Indoor Safety Tips Inspect Your Folding Chair Inventory—Defective folding chairs can collapse causing serious injury and liability claims for the Post. Retire chairs that are old, worn out, damaged, [...]

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Does Your Post Have Accessible Parking?

As facilities open to the public, Posts are required to have adequate parking for individuals with disabilities. If your Post doesn't meet the necessary accessible parking requirements, it could mean complaints, fines or costly litigation. The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design updated legal requirements first established by the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act for [...]

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Do You Have the Right First Aid Kit Supplies?

You can turn to the first aid kit for relief from a headache or bandages for a scrape, but do you have the right supplies for an emergency? If a member or guest at the Post becomes ill or is seriously injured, the right first aid supplies can make all the difference while also helping [...]

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Lighting for Safety and Security

The right lighting reduces the risk of accidents and helps everyone feel safer and more secure. Now that it's fall, you and your members will be reaching for the light switch earlier than usual, so it's a good time to think about how lighting at your Post impacts safety and security. Here's what you should [...]

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