How Your Insurance Needs May Change from Year to Year

As your organization changes from year to year, your insurance needs will also change. Whether your Post participates in new activities, hosts new events or has changes to its membership, Lockton Affinity provides access to a variety of insurance policies that can help safeguard your organization throughout it all. You begin hosting events with alcohol [...]

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Creating a Culture of Safety at Your Post

Without a strong culture of safety in place at your organization, unsafe conditions can go uncorrected or unnoticed. Volunteers and members may not feel comfortable raising safety-related concerns and the risk of serious injuries may increase. To make your Post safer, it is important to take a proactive approach before incidents occur. With the right [...]

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Liquor Liability vs. Host Liquor Liability vs. Special Event Coverage

When alcohol is served, your organization needs proper insurance to protect against the risks and liability associated with alcohol. Depending on the type of event, whether your Post is hosting or renting its buildings, you will need different insurance coverage. Read on to understand the differences between liquor liability insurance, host liquor liability insurance and [...]

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Why Prompt Claim Reporting Matters

It’s hard to make an accurate prediction of the outcome when a liability claim first comes to your attention. Some incidents resolve simply, while others do not. However, for organizations that delay the reporting of a claim to their insurer, the outcome is almost always worse than it otherwise could have been with prompt reporting. [...]

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Hand Tool Safety for Members and Volunteers

If you have projects scheduled for your organization this year, it’s important to have hand tool safety practices in place when power tools are in operation. Whether you’re building garden beds, volunteering in the community, designing parade floats or fixing things up around the Post, power tools can expose your organization to many potential safety [...]

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Post Injuries and their Impact on Mental Health

When someone gets hurt at your organization, workers’ compensation or volunteer accident coverage is often adept at delivering timely coverage. However, in today’s world, a comprehensive approach to your members and volunteers’ health is crucial. There are many reasons members and volunteers may experience depression after an injury, including: Social isolation Challenges performing everyday tasks [...]

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Improving Safety Signage for Posts

A simple “wet floor” safety sign can mean the difference between a normal day at your Post and a trip to the emergency room. While the primary purpose of safety signage is keeping people safe, there are other benefits, too: Reducing accidents Promoting a culture of safety Minimizing legal risks Facilities that have clear and [...]

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Better Safety

It's hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to begin thinking about seasonal maintenance and spring cleaning before hotter weather arrives. Being proactive and keeping your Post  facilities in good condition is smart. It not only benefits the longevity of your Post property, it also improves safety for [...]

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Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

Like everyone, many Posts spend the winter digging out from snow storms. Shoveling snow can provide an opportunity for exercise, help out less-able community members, and build camaraderie among the members. All the same, snow removal can also be risky for members, volunteers and your organization. Shoveling snow yourself can pose health risks and hiring [...]

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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

With the holiday season in full swing, many Lodges are ready to decorate. Help make sure your holidays are jolly and bright by remembering these holiday decorating safety tips. Whether your Lodge decorates a small Charlie Brown tree or goes full Chevy Chase, keep your Lodge's property and members safe with these tips: Indoor Holiday [...]

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